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Nancy was very diligent, and extremely friendly.

She worked with us for months to help find us the perfect first home for our family. She helped us get the house even though we had many problems arised and our seller was being very "particular" and rather "unreasonable". She had great knowledge of the market as well as good connections. I could not imagine going through this process with anyone else.

Sabrina Alexis Bigler

Nancy had our best interest at heart and she answered every question that we had.

She protected us and represented what we wanted without any hesitation. She even asked for a reduction in the offer price because of foundation issues even though she didn't think they would accept it (which they did accept it) and that made all the difference in the world that she was willing to do that on our behalf. She was professional and very patient. A+

Johnny Peak

Nancy is a true real estate professional!

I contacted her after reading reviews on to take care of my in-laws that were moving to the area! She took amazing care of my family's and they said time and time again how wonderful she was to work with! I would recommend her to anyone moving to Austin!

DeAnna Baggett

Nancy Douglas was a Godsend!

We had little success finding homes or areas that matched our needs until we met her. The very first day she spent 6 hours with us! Her generosity, constant enthusiasm, hard work was evident every single day. She answered calls, texts, & emails at all hours of the day. She anticipated things needed in advance. Not only that, she has now become a great friend to our family. Wonderful woman & the best agent we could have ever gotten in the Austin area. Thanks Nancy!

Jeff Siler

Amazing Agent!

I had to go thru 3 agents before I ended using her services. She is very professional and she gets the job done

Muaaz Sagier

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